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    Company profile
      Jiangsu Haixun railway equipment group Limited by Share Ltd (formerly: Nantong Haixun Railway Fittings Co. Ltd.). Jiangsu province is located in the Haian Economic Development Zone, 204 National Road West, north of Road 328, east of the new long and Ningqi railway, convenient transportation environment, the geographical position is superior. The company was founded in 1998, is the Jiangsu Haixun Group Holdings ltd.. Company's existing fixed assets of 460000000 yuan, registered capital of 200000000 yuan. Covers an area of 60000 square meters, the annual output value reached 1000000000 yuan. The company in 1999 to become the Ministry of Railways fixed-point production of various kinds of Ministry of railway fasteners manufacturing enterprises, has for many years in Nantong city was rated as "the contract and trustworthy enterprise" and "the backbone of the leading industrial enterprises."... .
    News Center
    We have got the updated I... 2016-7-5
    Product: HTTP iron base p... 2015-10-12
    we have been supplying Ne... 2015-5-8
    we successfully passed s... 2015-5-8
    test report for rubber pa... 2014-12-20
    Product series  
      Rail clips
      Railway spikes ,screw spikes, sleeper screw
      Rail shoulder and steel plates
      Rubber pads
      Rail connectors
      Concrete turnout sleepers sleeves
      Grade Crossing Floor Plate
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    Address:Jiangsu Haixun Railway Equipment Group Share Co., Ltd.  Tel:0513-88921116  fax:0513-88965101
    All rights reserved Copyright(C) http://www.haixunrf.com technical support: Beijing ICP record No. 05060022
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